About the Author

Elaine Medline is the author of the young adult novel, That Silent Summer, published by Scholastic Canada in 1999 and by Gramedia in Indonesia (2008). Several of her flash fiction stories can be found in online journals, including Holy Liftoff, which was included in Branded Words, a collection of the best contributions to Short Story Library in 2009. Her story, The Noise in the Cocoon, was an Editor’s Choice for a Bartleby Snopes compilation in 2011. Elaine has degrees in biology, medicine and journalism. She was previously a medical reporter for the Ottawa Citizen daily newspaper, and now works as a proud public servant to improve public health and the delivery of health services. Elaine lives in the national capital region of Canada. She can be reached by leaving a comment on a blog post, or at elaine.medline@gmail.com

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  1. Elaine Medline seems to be a very accomplished young lady! I can hear the frog melodies all the way to Toronto. Where were the pictures taken?

    • Thanks, mom. If one’s mother thinks you’re good, it must be true!

  2. Hi Elaine ,
    It’s Megan,Debbie’s daughter. I read your book “that silent summer ” It was a very good book. I really enjoyed it !

  3. Megan, thanks for your nice comment. I have written another novel, but it needs more work. Hoping to get it published one day. Please let me know if there are any plants or animals you would like to read about on this blog – something from around here!

  4. Love to know my clients are such interesting creative people.Great writing Elaine. Cheers!

  5. Loved the moth story, Elaine! Congrats on the online publication.
    It’s a little bit eerie that about an hour before I looked at my e-mail, I wondered what you had been writing lately.
    love from Marilyn

    • Thanks, Marilyn. Happy you enjoyed the story. I’ve written another one (sports-oriented) but haven’t heard back yet.

  6. Hi Elaine, you are a nature poet! Your post is so beautifully worded, illustrated and is informative all the same. I am inspired by your writing!

    Best regards

  7. Hi Elaine,
    I haven’t read your writings for a while. What a treat to look up your website again to enjoy your incredible creative musings on nature.
    Congratulations on having “the Noise in the Cocoon” published!
    Your photography is beautiful.

  8. Hi Elaine! I’ve read your book (That Silent Summer) and it was great 🙂 I’m now writing an analysis on your book, so I need your background to analyze it extrinsically. Would you please tell me why did you write That Silent Summer and how did you get the idea of the story? Please reply asap 🙂 thx

    • Thanks, Dora. I wrote That Silent Summer after working as a journalist for six years, and just wanted to do a bit of fiction. The story of Minnow and the three ‘geriatrics’ was inspired by my own close relationships with four grandparents. The setting is based on two cottages, one in Ontario and the other in Quebec, where I spent portions of summers. There were pies, hammocks and loons. I’m writing another book now, unfortunately less innocent.

  9. You have the sensitivity of a naturalist. I am reminded of Fabre and Teale. More power!

  10. happy new year to you and yours, elaine.


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