Posted by: Memorizing Nature | July 2, 2012

Sweet Canvas of Ditchy Art

Flowers are crazily taking turns rising in the ditches, presenting their foxy durability, craving attention, attracting bugs with packets of sugar, and laughing in the faces of humans who dare dismiss them as weeds. It’s the height of summer here, and the wind blows hot. I feel the gravel sweating nearby. Far away, a lawnmower can be heard lacerating the monoculture.

Photo by Elaine Medline

These floral specimens – some soft-hued, others vivid – stretch out to steal more space, quitting the shadows to loll in the sun. What are flowers but airstrips for bees? Respectable reproductive organs? Bursts of energy, prettily spent? The culvert is a shifting canvas of colour and scent, hosting half-hidden seduction. Pollen sits in its atrium ready to be dispersed, so that life can radiate like a petal, dissipating pessimism.

Photo by Elaine Medline

Here we witness a tradition of more than 125 million years, embodied by an unsurpassed inflorescence. Chicory blooms upon its ragged stem. Beetles and butterflies have arrived, for the milkweed has shown its corona. The animal cannot survive without the plant, and the plant without the animal. What is a flower but a co-evolving bundle of clever anatomy?

Photo by Elaine Medline

The days and weeks pass. Buds unfurl, one at a time. Nature’s revamping jewelry, that’s what flowers are. Anchored by roots, lifted by stems, the seeds at some point will unleash to proclaim beauty and purposefulness on a different acre. It’s in these ignored spaces that the earth is busiest, bulking layers of life and displaying such sweet reason.

Photo by Elaine Medline

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  1. Beautiful, Elaine!

  2. Thanks Elaine. You’re amazing!

  3. Wow!! Thanks for sharing your blog through LinkedIn. I’ve known for years that you are a talented writer, but wasn’t aware of your stunning photography. Photographing flowers is one of my favourite things to do in life, but my pix aren’t nearly as good as yours! Let me know if you’d like to do a photoshoot together sometime. I know I could learn a lot from you, Elaine.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Janice. I sent you a direct message on LinkedIn. Elaine

  4. I love the weeds too, for what are they if not wild flowers? So often what we find growing in the ditches are the hardiest beauties. They can take the heat, they can be flooded one day and dry the next and still bloom. The interconnectedness of all things is wonderfully expressed in this post.

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