Posted by: Memorizing Nature | May 6, 2012

Yellow Spots Flying

These birds have definitely eaten a lot of bananas and lemons. No seriously, they must have dipped themselves in modern mustard (as opposed to Dijon) or cheap custard. Their presence reminds the dandelions to bloom, and causes the daffodils to wither, outshone. Goldfinches, you see, migrate to their northern habitat at the same time as the sun, both gradually intensifying, sharing warmth. Pablo Picasso said, “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Photo by E. Medline

If I hold a finch in my hand, will it make me incandescent, like a candle? Did this bird actually descend from the dinosaurs, in the same way amoebas propelled themselves from the sea to meet the worms?   

Photo by E. Medline

What a bunch of show-off warbling granivores, electrifying their plumage because they crave attention, preferring conspicuous conceit to old-fashioned camouflage. Even the more muted females eclipse the other birds currently in flight. Goldfinches could be mistaken for pet budgies that escaped the cage, so strange do they seem in these drab parts.  Yes, in these parts, too much brightness can seem unnecessary and vapid, like the smiley face. “I made a circle with a smile for a mouth on yellow paper, because it was sunshiny and bright,” said Harvey Ball, inventor of that iconic symbol.

Photo by E. Medline

If we hold a finch in our hands, will the world flare like a firework, dripping willow trails? Did this bird actually descend from the dinosaurs, in the same way black-and-white television got all classy and became high definition?     



  1. Great photos Elaine – Is that in your backyard?
    funny i was talking about our school friendship today to my kids and got your blog. Hope all is well. xo Nance
    ps – we are doing a small ad in the citizen thursday w one of our clients. check it out.

  2. Picture-perfect!

  3. The world flaring like a firework, dripping willow trails — come to think
    of it, that’s what’s happening these days — redbud, apple blossoms,
    dandelions… Who knew that it was the incandescent goldfinch that set
    it off?

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