Posted by: Memorizing Nature | May 1, 2011

Sprung Inspired

Winter stayed so long that skiers grew bored, and went biking, before the snow had disappeared.

“Get up already, do you know what time it is?” I wanted to shout at the lazy cosmos clock. But now, spring reports in, though reluctantly. Relieved chickadees no longer shiver.  

Photo by E. Medline

Spent firecrackers, set off in March by a party of snowboarders during an adult absence, emerge as past-exploded, manufactured wildflowers. The ditches are slowly carpeted. Shy petals break through decaying oak leaves on the ground, and embryonic bush blossoms get set to unwind their curls. Soon the finches will return, lemony like the wedding hat of a queen. The future is near.      

Photo by E. Medline

Interestingly, in the Mohawk language (Kanyen’keha), there is no grammatical construct for using the negative in the future tense.  In other words, it’s seen as presumptuous to state that something will not happen. “It may be said, for the most part, that it is culturally inappropriate to negate the future since we do not know precisely how the future will be.” (Kanyen’keha Tewatati – Let’s Speak Mohawk, David Kanatawakhon Maracle, published by Audio-Forum, part 3, page 30, 1993). An amazing perspective.    

Photo by E. Medline

The new beginnings of spring, such a worthwhile cliché. This is the time of year when we may seriously reflect, evolve our preconceived ideas, act with newfound foresight, and take risks that inspire. It’s good to be back out among the boulders and moss. A porcupine has chewed most of the bark on one of our trees, and that makes me smile. So do the turbid puddles, dank with potential life.

And the buds, they seem more beautiful than the leaves they become.


Today’s Flowers

Macro Monday



  1. Missed you over the winter, your writing always makes me look at the world around a little differently.

    • Lovely as always Elaine. Your writing is impeccable. I missed you too! I am going to post your quote about the Mohawk language on Facebook. Hope we can meet some day soon.

  2. Inspiring it is for sure… spring AND you!!! I’m happy that I get to enjoy your perspective on things again.

  3. Beautiful writing! It is nice to have you back.

  4. Great macros!

  5. Your macros and post are beautiful!

  6. This is fantastic!!

    Macro Monday

  7. Lovely to see new life growing again. Happy Macro Monday!

  8. As usual I’m amazed at your use of the English language. Where does it come from? Now I must go outside and feel Spring in the air.

  9. Elaine, your writing is just amazing and this is just another example. I read your blogs out loud to my 16 year old son and by doing this he is inspired to read and it creates a special moment that mother and son can share! Thanks for this.

  10. Beautiful blooms!

    My entry.

  11. A beautiful post with some inspiring ideas! Enjoyed this!

  12. Lovely post and images. Happy Mother’s Day!

  13. exc ellent macro shots. I like the quotes and the last one photo is marvelous

    I dont remember if I have visited you before…did I?

  14. Wonderful, wonderful! I like the idea of no way to negate the future. I must remember this!

    I am very awed by the fact that you can smile at porcupine damage to your tree. . . I’m afraid I would have been rather distraught over the tree at the same time as being glad that a porcupine found something to eat but wishing that it had found more than one thing!

    Spring came through here like a tornado almost, so fast and furious and running straight into early summer with not a breath of break between seasons.

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