Posted by: Memorizing Nature | January 23, 2011

The Meaning of a Moth

Hey, folks: my flash fiction story, ‘The Noise in the Cocoon’ was just published in the literary online magazine, Bartleby Snopes. It was a little bit inspired by the very first post of Memorizing Nature from April, 2010, Tenacious Tents. At least, that’s when I researched tent caterpillars because they were swarming our land. (They were in their up-cycle). Since I was a child, the moth has been one of my favourite creatures. They’re  also full of symbolism, as you’ll read in the story. Missing all of you in the blog world. . . Elaine

Photo by E. Medline



  1. Interesting story. It touched the part of me that went through infertility studies but never decided for in vitro stuff. When the “normal” methods didn’t work, I sort of made the decision taht if I couldn’t carry a fetus to term maybe there was a darned goood reason. But it was a decision fraught with pain and second guessings.

    Anyway, I felt the story telegraphed the ultimate disappointment by the woman’s acceptance of the identification of the cocoons as monarch butterfly larvae — No, no, dear — monarchs inhabit chrysalises, not cocoons! You have made your decision based on wrong information, given the real estate agent too much power!

    I good story, making me want to talk to the protagonist right away. I was engaged.

    Thanks for visiting the Havens recently. Hope your story does well in the contest.

    • The protagonist did admit she couldn’t even name the trees in her backyard, so yes, she really got suckered by the real estate agent due to her ignorance of nature. I wanted to give her this sense of bewilderment, especially since she was dealing with issues so beyond her control. Also hoped to achieve some character development with the hubby!

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