Posted by: Memorizing Nature | October 31, 2010

Hiding Acorns

Winter has arrived and so Memorizing Nature will take a seasonal break. However, like the squirrel below, I will not be hibernating. Instead, my typing brain will focus on flash fiction, stories fewer than 1,000 words. Flash fiction is challenging, fun, and perfect for the digital age. I have previously published several flash fiction stories in online journals – see Holy Liftoff as an example. The aim – ten new stories before the Canada geese return. During the cold months, I will also continue to follow my favourite nature and comedic blogs.

If you are new to Memorizing Nature and were looking forward to new postings, apologies for ducking out. (Earlier posts can be found in the archives.) Thanks to all who have read the 20 posts since Memorizing Nature’s inception in April, 2010. I am particularly appreciative of those who left encouraging and thoughtful comments. Blogging is such a freeing activity, as writers can have complete control over the dissemination of their observations and thoughts. No printing press, no editor, no hierarchy. Admittedly, there are problems: a crowded field, and so no money in it.

Much more relevant is the message that this blog has tried to share – the importance of biodiversity. With luck, and lack of human interference, the frogs will still be around in the spring belting out a familiar symphony. (I fear their silence.) So long, and talk to you again soon. Elaine

"Like the squirrel, I won't be hibernating." (Photo by E. Medline)



  1. Good luck with the flash fiction stories. I hope you will return in the spring to Memorizing Nature. I enjoy all of your creative writing.

  2. Oh no, I am one who just discovered your blog a bit ago, so I am going to miss it. I have read all your entries, and I do look forward to more.
    Don’t be gone long!!

  3. I fear the silence of the frogs also. Why don’t more people?

    I will miss you while you are gone, but I’m sure you will be having a blast.

  4. I learned to enjoy Memorizing Nature and will miss your postings. However, spring, believe it or not, is just around the corner and we can hopefully enjoy your writing again in the near future. Have a wonderful winter.

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